Eminem was spotted exiting a Los Angeles recording studio with Travis Barker behind him.

1) The Hoodie

In this appearance he wears a grey hooded jacket with blue patterns on it. This hoodie is made by 'Famous Stars and Straps' and is called the 'Gen X'. This jacket is now out of production but can be bought at several online retailers.

2) The Shoes

Pretty Standard fare.. Nike Air Max 95. Around a 100 Bucks at Amazon

3) The Baseball Cap

Again, a very low key Mens Nike Air Jordan Black Baseball Stretch Fit Cap Hat

Eminem Bonnaroo
Eminem's wardrobe at Bonnaroo was quite casual. None of the Gucci, Prada or D&G gear was in use. He chose to keep it very low key with casual street clothes. However there were a few things that stood out.
1) The Shorts - Carhartt Cargo Bermuda Shorts
2) Shoes - Nike Air Max Ltd
3) T-shirt - Bad Meets Evil Merchandise
4) Green G-Shock - This is a limited edition Casio G-Shock GR2300-GR3. Very Rare.

Optimized-Bonnaroo Shorts_CarharttBonnaroo Shoes